TAU, acronym of Urban Architecture Technology, is a global leader in full-service consulting, design, operation, and program management services in the field of private and industrial structures and infrastructure.


We take the role of General Contractor offering public and private clients a complete range of services including planning, feasibility studies, design and procurement, as well as program, project, and construction management


TAU team includes engineers and architects expert in the various sector of the construction field and using the most advanced tools. TAU is on the cutting edge of surveying technology; our computers have specific programs for every step of the project, plotters for the graphics, and instruments to tests the infrastructure.


TAU operates in Italy and around the world for public and private clients.




  • 1) Design and Construction Phase Administration
    • A- Architecture and Urban Engineering
    • B- B. Structural and Technological worksi
    • C- C. Infrastructures
  • 2) Surveying
  • 3) Land Register



Our History

TAU was founded in the 70s by the current President, Roberto Andrea Sechi, a civil engineer from Milan Politecnico University. In the 80s, after working abroad, Mr. Sechi founded a good work avenue in Cameroon. In 1984 TAU is born as a full-service engineering design and construction company in commercial, residential, hospitality, and public sectors. Service, competence, reliability, thoroughness and accuracy take TAU to other markets. In 2000 TAU enters in Chad.


May 2014 TAU celebrates its 30-year birthday. Its success over the years is due to the high expertise of its people, the cutting edge technology used and the number of services offered.



In the process of growing and be present in a larger area, TAU established ties with European and African firms.